The Way

What is the Way

The WayThe Taoist word “Way” refers to the Tao – the later being the central concept in Tao Te Ching and Taoism.

There are many “ways” or paths: the Way of Heaven, the way of skilled people and the way the things are just as they are.

The Way of Heaven refers to the Tao or its Movement.

The way of skill people refers to abilities of some people in doing something special, like talented musicians, skillful archers, chefs or even skilled butchers.

The way of things refers to what is natural, contrary to the artificial.
Consider, for example, a horse that runs freely in the fields without being of use for anybody. This is the horse that conforms to its nature. Contrary to it is the horse hauled at the harness.

In Tao Te Ching the Way alludes to the Mystic Heaven who rules the world.