Tao Te Ching Online

What is the Best Translation?

Many versions of Tao Te Ching may be found online, several with comparative chapters and different English translations. There are no similar versions due to the complexity of the old Chinese language. More versions appear continuously so one may feel confused as of what is the best. Lets stress that there’s no best version. Usually, one studying the book should read many versions at once and try to reconstruct the genuine idea of the writer.

Comparative and interactive versions:
-> 81 chapters, each sentence presented 23 times + 60 complete translations; 10 alternate and partial
-> Download everything above as tao.zip and browse offline.

-> 60 interactive English versions
-> Tao Te Ching hyperlinked to definitions of Chinese characters

One of the most influential:
-> James Legge’s translation, one of the best, may be read here
– Download the html version of the above from here

Read also:
-> Tao Te Ching commentaries, chapters 1-10.